Bitsharescrude contribution fund, is a scheme that intends to promote the value culture of cryptostaking on the bitshares blockchain. It aims to bridge the gap between long term savings and long term investment portfolios with the smartcoin margin trading and new AMM liquidity pool features of bitshares. It is based around two CRUDE investment assets... CRUDE.BTS and CRUDE.BTSP...

CRUDE.BTS, is a smartasset that mirrors the price of BTS on the market and is backed by CRUDE.NGN, traditional smart assets are backed by bitshares, but CRUDE.BTS has an inverse correlation, such that as bitshares rises in price, it forces the supply of the backing asset to increase, in order to cover the margin....

CRUDE.BTSP is the first liquidity pool token for CRUDE, it's a CRUDE.NGN/BTS pool token. It's supply and value is based on the bitshares quantity in the pool.

Holders of these two assets will be known as CRUDE contributors or benefactors, funds gotten from them will be used to issue more BTSP tokens.
The contribution from the fund will be redistributed @ year end starting from December 2021.
The redistribution will be as follows;

  • 10% to all contributors
  • 40% to bitsharescrude growth & development.
  • 50% to remain in the pool as reserve fund.
  • The CNGN in the released BTSP, will be burnt, only the bitshares from the contract will be distributed.