No but we plan to have a Decentralized exchange in the future, however for now we offer only escrow and custodial services. We have also set up an investment fund account which is centered around our Bitshares Liquidity Pool Token CRUDE.BTSP.
To register a new Trading account, simply click the Sign Up link and fill out the required information. Ensure to backup your wallet and save your Secret keys properly. Then login to your account, select your preferred market and set up your orders. Our default pair CNGN/BTS has the trading chart on your dashboard from where you can speculate on price.
The minimum deposit amount is 1000CNGN, the maximum you can deposit at one time is 100,000CNGN Per each deposit , Max deposit is 1,000,000Naira.
The minimum amount for withdrawal is 1000CNGN. The maximum limit for cash withdrawal is 100,000Naira Daily.
Your deposit are manually added therefore always make sure you notify us, if possible before making your Bank Transfer, to enable us do the necessary confirmations on the blockchain. Our bank address is fbn:3113104450 Read here to understand the address.
Send the amount you want to withdraw to our escrow wallet fbn3113104450. Make sure to contact us through any of our communications channels before making such transaction.
Yes Bank Transfers cost 200CNGN above 1000CNGN
Your withdrawal is sent Instant after it is requested, except, there is network delay,if your withdrawal delays more than an hour you can contact support via the live chat, watsapp or telegram or mail to
You can only withdraw CRUDE.NGN which represents the Naira currency on the Bitshares blockchain. Ensure to send the exact equivalent of the Naira you want when making the transfer from your bitshares account as CRUDE.NGN has different value from the real Naira.
Everybody that uses the CRUDE.NGN Asset is already an escrow agent and can buy and sell the currency to other users who wish to trade. However to increase trust and for your own safety, only trade with trusted persons or our escrow wallet fbn3113104450.
The escrow wallet was created for bank transfer transactions It works like a ledger, anytime money is sent to the bank account it reflects there and anytime a withdrawal is done it also reflects there.
You can become a lifetime member on the bitshares platform to earn refferal bonus, It costs 5791.32BTS.
Bitshares was designed to cater to the needs of cryptofirms and decentralised companies. It has an organisational structure which consists of DPOS, Multi-wallet, and Proposal feature, it has its merchant structure, which consist of barter trading, invoicing and HTLC and finally it has its marketplace which consist of DEXs, Margin Trading and Liquidity pools. How.Bitshares.Works
You can contact our support by clicking the contact link, or send us a mail to You can also join our telegram and watsapp group that is displayed on the home page.